Selected Publications


[ Fruit flies ]

S.S. Kim+, A.M. Hermundstad, S. Romani, L.F. Abbott, V. Jayaraman+ (2019) "Generation of stable heading representations in diverse visual scenes”, Nature 576:126-131, +corresponding authors, fulltext

S.S. Kim*, H. Rouault*, S. Druckmann, V. Jayaraman (2017) “Ring attractor dynamics in the Drosophila central brain”, Science 356:849-853, *co-first authors, fulltext

N.C. Klapoetke, Y. Murata, S.S. Kim*, S.R. Pulver, A. Birdsey-Benson, Y.Ku. Cho, T.K. Morimoto, A.S. Chuong, E.J. Carpenter, Z. Tian, J. Wang, Y. Xie, Z. Yan, Y. Zhang, B.Y. Chow, B. Surek, M. Melkonian, V. Jayaraman, M. Constantine-Paton, G.K. Wong, E.S. Boyden (2014) “Independent optical excitation of distinct neural populations”, Nature methods 11(3):338-346, *Primary contributor on fly work, fulltext


[ Macaque monkeys ]

S.S. Kim+, M. Gomez-Ramirez+, P.H. Thakur, S.S. Hsiao (2015) “Multimodal interactions between proprioceptive and cutaneous signals in primary somatosensory cortex”, Neuron 86(2):555-566, +corresponding authors, fulltext

S.S. Kim, A.P. Sripati, S.J. Bensmaia (2010) “Predicting the timing of spikes evoked by tactile stimulation of the hand”, Journal of Neurophysiology 104(3):1484-1496, fulltext